Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle

Welcome to “Wake Up: How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle” [2018], a wonderful collection of authors specifically conceived and designed to give you, the reader, as wide a range of unique perspectives on living a healthy vibrant lifestyle as possible. So if you are reading this book, it is meant to be.
Essentially this is a practical workbook about how to become healthy in body and mind, from thought leaders in their individual fields from around the globe, offering unique perspective on how best to achieve that goal. We believe it will provide a comprehensive insight into attaining and maintaining a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. In fact, I guarantee that there is literally something for everyone, from healthy eating and physical training, to financial health in retirement.
Each author, at the end of his or her story, has a personal biography with contact information. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity to reach out to any author of your choice for further information and personal coaching.

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