Make Exercise A Habit: Practical Strategies To Be Consistent With Your Health (Healthy Lifestyle Book 1)

Exercising is definitely not the simplest task to do and how many times have you motivated yourself to work out to find empty promises at the end of the road? If you are somone who is in this situation I urge you to get a copy of this books.

In this book, you will learn a step by step plan to sticking with your exercise routine!

1 Consider The Pain Of Not Doing It
2 The Importance Of Will Power
3 Setting Realistic Goals
4 Record Your Progress & Set Deadlines
5 Preparing Yourself For Exercise
6 Making The Sacrifices
7 Keep It To Yourself
8 Consider Getting A Partner
9 It’s A Process

This book was written to provide practical strategies for daily discipline to one of the most crucial things in your life, exercise! This one activity will not only save a life but preserve it. This is no secret to anyone, however the problem is that sometimes it hurts to do. Sometimes exercising is just no fun or maybe there is no knowledge of what to do. Stay tuned my friends, for this is to help you stay committed, disciplined and maybe even enjoy exercising.

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