Keto Diet Soups & Stews: Instant Pot Cookbook with Homemade Recipes for Healthy Lifestyle (diet ketogenic, what is the keto diet, soup fast, keto recipes, the soup diet recipe, low carb soup)

If you want to combine both the ketogenic diet and Instant Pot cooking, then this Keto Diet Soups, Stews and Chilies cookbook is for you. With this soup recipe cookbook, you will learn how to make satisfying, whole-food dishes for every meal, and something for everyone at your table. Full of flavor, soups and stews are the perfect winter warmers and comfort foods.

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diets right now. The diet combines a high amount of healthy fats, moderate protein, and a limited number of carbohydrates, and provides weight loss and health benefits. Followers of the keto lifestyle experience improved energy, and lose weight without feeling deprived. The Instant Pot is a cooking appliance that can replace several other cooking appliances and make your life easier.

This ketogenic diet book offers simple keto recipes of soups, stews and chilies that are budget-friendly, and perfect for easy lunches and dinners. The Instant Pot recipes in this book make it easy for you to create tasty and wholesome meals at your convenience.

This Keto Diet Soups & Stews cookbook with homemade recipes contains:

• Information on creating and maintaining a correct ketogenic diet

• The ketogenic diet food list

• The reasons why you should consume more soup

• The reasons why bone broth should be a part of your ketogenic diet

• Tips for making the best soups

• These recipes are made from readily available products. Each recipe contains information about the necessary products, time and step-by-step instructions for cooking, the caloric content of the finished dish, nutritional information and color photos.

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Whether you are a lover of soups and stews or just want to eat delicious meals, this book of low carb soups and stews is for you. This homemade keto soups and stews cookbook is packed with nostalgic favorites and hearty classics, and provides a keto twist to your favorite meals.

Simply grab your copy of this cookbook to get started right away!

Please pay attention! Two paperback formats are available: the full color version and the black and white version.

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