Eat Drink Be Healthy (6×9 Food Journal and Activity Tracker): Meal and Exercise Notebook, 120 Pages

**NEW, UPDATED interior now has a water tracker.**

Changing to healthier eating habits can be hard. Whether you’re going gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low carb, high protein, starting an elimination diet to figure out food allergies or trigger foods, tracking points, clean-eating, or just eating more whole and real foods, your new food plan can be overwhelming at first.

This food and exercise diary is a simple yet effective tool to help you tackle your eating goals. With sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as a place to track daily activity, cravings, and feelings about your progress, it has two months’ worth of daily spreads.

Not too thick & not too thin, so it’s a great size to throw in your purse or bag!

  • SIZE: 6 X 9
  • PAPER: Lightly Lined on White Paper
  • PAGES: 120 Pages (60 Sheets Front/Back
  • COVER: Soft Cover (Matte)

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