Committed to Wellness, Fitness, and a Healthy Lifestyle: How to Unleash Your Inner Motivation, Change Your Mindset, and Transform Your Body Fast! (Motivation, Motivational Books)

How to Finally Create a Healthy Lifestyle you Enjoy! Exciting Motivation Techniques for Health & Fitness!

Weight Loss & Fitness Motivation without the B.S…
Your mind is stronger than you believe. You are just about to discover how to re-program your brain with powerful psychological hacks to create unstoppable motivation-motivation on demand!
Ready to transform your body? Ready to debunk the most common motivational myths?
Well, you don’t need to depend on other people as the source of your motivation, success, and happiness…


Your motivation for preparation phase- make it exciting!
•How to combine different motivation techniques effectively
Your motivation for the actual fitness/weight loss program
•Psychological aspects of internal motivation- how to ACTIVATE YOUR INNER FIRE and be successful with your fitness and weight loss goals
How to deal with haters and bad influences when creating your healthy lifestyle (don’t let them stop you from succeeding!)
•Your motivational techniques for the feedback phase
How to feel healthier and utilize it as your motivator
•How to actually keep on TRACK; MINDSET CHANGE: diet vs lifestyle
How to pull yourself together after falling off the wagon and take MASSIVE ACTION AGAIN!
•How to successfully plan your meals and how to enjoy them
How to fall in love with WELLNESS
•Little weight loss tricks that work as massive motivation boosters
How to aim for progress and stop being a perfectionist
•How to use failure to actually achieve success (make it your asset!)
The concept of self-coaching: how to be your own weight loss and fitness coach
•How to be creative during your weight loss/fitness/physical transformation journey (you need creativity to make the process as exciting and fun as possible!)
The concept of holistic wellness- how to make the most of your wellness journey and use it as a personal development tool as well

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